Patio Design Ideas

Get in touch for more information on our garden patio design ideas! Patios are a fantastic addition to the home, the word ‘patio’ comes from the Spanish word for ‘courtyard’. A patio can be used for an outdoor dining space or just an area to relax with friends or family. When thinking of a patio

Local Garden Landscapers

Get in touch for more information about our local landscaping services! Our gardens are a fantastic space which has many different uses, some of us may decorate it by planting trees, flowers, or even install ponds. Whilst some many prefer to keep the area plain for recreational use or areas for our pets. We can

Gravel Gardens with Pots

At Beautiful Gardens we get the opportunity to be a part of a great number of different projects from commercial builds to small domestic jobs. Over our 19 years of experience we have decorated gardens with a variety of different plants and trinkets. When it comes to gravel gardens with pots however, we specialise in

Winterizing Your Garden

Winterizing Your Garden As winter approaches we have been thinking of ways in which we can encourage you to get out in the garden. We will list below some of the jobs that can be done between November through to March, to help get the garden ready for spring. Not all of these will apply

Permeable block paving

Permeable block paving is an alternative to loose gravel or permeable tarmac. The base preparation is different for this type of paving as it has to be fully permeable. MOT type3 hardcore is laid to a depth of 6-12”, with a 2” layer of 10mm grit screeded over surface. Blocks are then laid on this


For over-flow car parks or areas that need to retain a grass finish, then Aco Ground Guard tiles can be laid on a prepared surface, filled with top soil and seeded. This gives a supported framework for the grass to grow and can be mown as and when necessary. This is a fully permeable driveway.

Breedon Gravel

Breedon gravel is usually a pathway surface, but can be used as a driveway surface as long as a lot of turning on the surface is not expected. It is comprised of 6mm-dust aggregate which is compacted when wet to form a solid surface. It is a non-permeable surface and requires drainage.