How to Prune Your Shrubs

Spring pruning
If you have plants in your garden that flower through summer, then they should be pruned in the spring. Prune the growth just above the healthy thick stems so they are ready for the new growth through summer.

Winter pruning
If you have plants that flower through winter you should prune these just after flowering, this will prevent the flowerless growth you would get from spring pruning.
Prune the stems back as low as possible removing any older branches.
Please note larger shrubs such as; buddleias and rhododendrons will not require regular pruning, just remove unhealthy or dead shoots in mid spring.

You should prune your evergreens just after flowering well after the last frost, as pruning in the autumn and winter months may cause damage to the trees and shrubs.
Remove damaged, diseased, straggly growth and dead flowers. Make sure all crowded areas of growth are thinned and arranged so the plant looks even. After pruning the plant down use fertiliser to ensure healthy future growth.