How to Maintain Your Deck

Below is a list of ways you can maintain your deck yourself!

  1. Sweep your decking regularly, removing any dirt, leaves and moss that have accumulated on the wood in between the deep cleans.
  2. Try to clean any bird dropping and stains as soon as you notice them, with a weak all-purpose cleaner.
  3. Try not to place plant pots directly on the wood as this causes water marks over time.
  4. Try to give your decking a deep clean at least once a year, scrub with a stiff broom and decking cleaner making sure you get right in the grooves and then thoroughly hose down.
  5. You should re-stain your decking once a year too and just after a deep clean would be the perfect time. Make sure it is completely clean, stripped and sanded down beforehand. Try to use oil-based products that soak into and protect the wood