Patio Design Ideas

Get in touch for more information on our garden patio design ideas! Patios are a fantastic addition to the home, the word ‘patio’ comes from the Spanish word for ‘courtyard’. A patio can be used for an outdoor dining space or just an area to relax with friends or family. When thinking of a patio…

Local Garden Landscapers

Get in touch for more information about our local landscaping services! Our gardens are a fantastic space which has many different uses, some of us may decorate it by planting trees, flowers, or even install ponds. Whilst some many prefer to keep the area plain for recreational use or areas for our pets. We can…

Gravel Gardens with Pots

At Beautiful Gardens we get the opportunity to be a part of a great number of different projects from commercial builds to small domestic jobs. Over our 19 years of experience we have decorated gardens with a variety of different plants and trinkets. When it comes to gravel gardens with pots however, we specialise in…

WIN a bottle of Champagne!

WIN a bottle of Champagne!Competition closes on the 20th December 2017. This month we are giving 2 people the chance to win a bottle of champagne, which will be delivered in time for Christmas! All you have to do is make sure you have logged into the members area this month to be entered.  LOGINREGISTER

November Competition Winner

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Perry from Chorley who won this months prize, a real 6ft Christmas Tree. Thank you to everyone who entered, don’t forget to keep logging in each month for your chance to win a prize!

Winterizing Your Garden

Winterizing Your Garden As winter approaches we have been thinking of ways in which we can encourage you to get out in the garden. We will list below some of the jobs that can be done between November through to March, to help get the garden ready for spring. Not all of these will apply…

Win a 6ft Christmas Tree!

WIN A 6ft CHRISTMAS TREE! November 2017 Win a Christmas Tree – For this Month we are offering our members the chance to win a 6ft Christmas Tree, and have it delivered on a date of your choice! All you have to do is sign up or have logged in any time within November!  …

Permeable block paving

Permeable block paving is an alternative to loose gravel or permeable tarmac. The base preparation is different for this type of paving as it has to be fully permeable. MOT type3 hardcore is laid to a depth of 6-12”, with a 2” layer of 10mm grit screeded over surface. Blocks are then laid on this…


For over-flow car parks or areas that need to retain a grass finish, then Aco Ground Guard tiles can be laid on a prepared surface, filled with top soil and seeded. This gives a supported framework for the grass to grow and can be mown as and when necessary. This is a fully permeable driveway.

Breedon Gravel

Breedon gravel is usually a pathway surface, but can be used as a driveway surface as long as a lot of turning on the surface is not expected. It is comprised of 6mm-dust aggregate which is compacted when wet to form a solid surface. It is a non-permeable surface and requires drainage.

Gardeners Sutton Coldfield

You want your garden to be amazingly beautiful but you never seem to get round to putting some work into it? Then you might need some professional help from our gardeners based in Sutton Coldfield. If you are looking for the best gardeners in Sutton Coldfield then you have arrived to the right place, Beautiful…

Landscape Design

The basics of Landscape Design A beautiful landscape helps make a beautiful home, and you want to find out some advice that will help you along. Knowing what to do takes not only the necessary information, tools, and supplies, but it also takes practice. Keep reading for some useful tips on landscape design for attaining…

Finding the Right Gardener

For any homeowner who wants to find the right gardener within the Sutton Coldfield area, it is important to have an idea of what is required. Gardeners do a wide range of things and getting the right one means getting one who specializes in what the homeowner in question wants. Every homeowner should therefore have…

St Stephens Nature Garden

{flike} Yesterday we received an envelope full of 23 letters from some of the children in year 2 at St Stephens Primary school. The letters were asking us if we could make them a nature garden to attract new wildlife. We were so impressed with the children’s effort that went into all the letters that…

Working in Crewe

{flike} Last thursday we finally finished the huge job we were doing in Crewe. We had half the team staying in Crewe for two weeks to transform a huge garden. The house was a recent new build and was left by the builders with just a patio and lawn. We did lots of planting for this…

The Business Connect Show

{flike} Thank you to everyone who came to the Lichfield Business Connect Show on the 12th of June. We are so pleased at how it turned out. We had no empty stalls and there were many visitors.

Jubilee Flower Display For Tempest Ford

{flike} We hope everyone enjoyed the Queens Diamond Jubilee. On the 1st of June we finished the Jubilee display for Tempest Ford. We planted lots of red, white and blue flowers all around the Ford garage. We also hung up some hanging baskets.

Lichfield Business Connect Show

{flike} On June the 12th we are attending the Lichfield Business Connect Show that will be held at Lichfield Rugby Clubs grand marquee. The show is going to hold stalls for over 40 local businesses and trade organisations. The show is going to give local businesses the opportunity to network with each other and will…

Combined Operations Memorial

After having problems with the bad weather we had to postpone the building of the Combined Operations Memorial but finally it is now complete. The Memorial is placed at The National Memorial Arboretum in Alrewas Staffordshire. 

Stowecroft To Be Opened Soon

We recently worked with the Lichfield Council making a new play area for children and a place for the local area to socialise. The park is situated at Stowecroft near Netherstowe. 


We have just started working with the Lichfield Council on a job at Stowecroft. The job is going to involve us planting 13 semi- mature trees, positioning some large rocks around the site with a variety of Turkey Oak natural logs. We will also be installing grass mounds with a slide, zig- zag stepper and…


Beautiful gardens are now on Youtube! We recently decided that we are going to start recording some of our work we do so you can get a better idea of what our work turns out like. We have one video uploaded at the moment and its a before and after video of a block paved…

Woodhouse Community Farm

Woodhouse Farm is a 22 acre holding in the rural outskirts of Lichfield in South Staffordshire. It is currently owned by Andrew Stone who lives there with his wife, Annamarie, and their daughter Rhiannon. Andrew has in fact lived there his whole life as his parents became tenants of the farm in the 1960’s.

Gravel Driveway

In barton we have recentlty started a gravel driveway.  {rokbox}images/stories/DSC_1526.jpg{/rokbox} So far we have taken six inches away from the existing driveway, we are then going to lay down four inch of hardcore with two inches of gravel on top. We are also going to be installing a 1m wide rumble strip using granite sets.…

Chamber of Commerce

Recently Simon attended the Chamber of Commerce AGM at the new Drayton Manor hotel. He has been elected for another three years as part of the Divisional Council.  Divisional Council members are elected to serve on the Divisional Council Board, as business representatives. The Board consists of mainly private business representatives, with the support of…

Combined Ops Memorial Postponed

{rokbox}images/stories/IMG_0851.jpg{/rokbox} As you may know we recently started work on the Combined Operations Memorial at the National Memorial Aboreetum, but unfortunatly due to weathe conditions we are having to postpone it. The ground has become to damp for us to be able to access the job. We are hoping to continue the work again in…

Driveway And Patio Maintenance

{flike} Driveway And Patio Maintenance involves a number of different tools and techniques, depending on both your needs and the surface of the driveway. The most common technique is high-pressure cleaning, which is a very versatile technique: High-pressure cleaning We use a variety of techniques to clean driveways and patios, depending on their size and surface…

Outdoor Fitness Equipment Now Installed

The outdoor fitness equipment at Cannock Wood is now ready for use! We have installed an Air Skier, Twist Stepper and Thai Chi Spinners. Each piece of equipment comes with instructions on how to use them with health and safety instructions. We are very pleased to have worked with the Beaudersert Sports and Recreational Trust 

Cannock Wood

We have officially started the installation of the outdoor fitness equipment in Cannock wood. This is the first installation we have done and we are very pleased all the work we have put into promoting the fitness equipment is beginging to pay off.Hopefully this will encourage more people to want to have outdoor fitness equipment…

Online Shop & Members Area

We are currently in the process of setting up the online shop. The shop is going to have a lot of products on it ranging from children’s gardening tools to climbing frames from hammocks to water features.


In Sutton Coldfield we are currently doing two driveways and they are in fact next door neighbours! One of the driveways we are going to putting down new block pavers to replace the old ones and we are going to  be doing some work around the back garden as well. The other driveway it going…

Commercial Fencing and Gates

We offer a range of commercial fencing and gates for our clients. These include post & rail fencing, picket fencing, chain link fencing, post and wire fencing. We do offer more ranges to suite your requirements, so please get in touch if you would like further details on what we can offer!


Recently we have started sending Customer Satisfaction Questionnaires to customers we have done work for in the past few months. The questionnaire is simple, there are a series of questions and all we ask is for a rating on how well you feel our services were by ticking either ‘excellent’ ‘good’ ‘fair’ or ‘poor’. The…

Outdoor Fitness Equipment For Beaudesert Sports & Recreation Trust

We have recently been given the opportunity to install some outdoor fitness equipment for the Beaudesert Sports & Recreation Trust. The equipment will be installed on Cannock woodwhich will give it a lovely view. The Equipment we will be installing will include an Air Skier, a Twist and step and Thai Chi Spinners. The work…

whitemoor Lakes Continued

We have recently done work for Whitemoor Lakes in Alrewas. The activity centre is now open; there have been hundreds of children visiting it for the past fewweeks. We have seen the centre up and running and it looks great. The work we recently did for Whitemoor lakes involved, making chain link fencing, planting new…

Combined Ops Memorial

In the next few weeks we are going to be building The Combined Operations Memorial. The memorial is going to be part of the Staffordshire’s National Arboretum.

Whitemoor Lakes

We have recently started landscaping on Whitemoor Lakes in Alrewas. Whitemoor Lakes is an NAYC activity centre and is offering young people a place to do activities that are not available to them normally. They offer watersports, climbing towers, challenge courses and other activities. We are very happy to have been given this job and…

Polish Armed Forces Memorial

Recently we have had the pleasure of cleaning the monument of the National Memorial Arboretum for the Polish Armed Forces. We are not known for cleaning monuments, and it was unusual for us to do a job such as this, but we hope in the future we could do more jobs like this as we are keen to keep widening our…

Beautiful Gardens Blog

This is the first post of many for Beautiful Gardens. We will be updating you on all the jobs and new designs we will be doing over the coming months as well as special offers and industry news.

Paving Paths and Benches

Paving, paths and benches, and other similar items, can be added to complement existing landscaping in all sorts of environments. Areas can be brought to life by adding simple paths and seating, whether it be through parks, woods, open areas, scrub land or around your building. Surfacing can range from tarmac, self-binding gravel, loose gravel, bark chippings,…

Commercial Planting and Landscaping

We offer an extensive range of Commercial Planting and Landscaping. Planting especially will play an important role in how you present your business. We can tidy existing planting schemes and add extra plants, or we can design and implement whole new schemes. This may include creating new planting areas, which is where the landscaping aspect…

Play Equipment

We offer a huge range of play equipment from play-houses to sand pits to slides, outdoor games and sensory equipment. If you’re looking to add children’s play equipment to your school, garden, or any other area, then check out what we have to offer!

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

We offer a range of outdoor fitness equipment, as well as sport equipment, surfacing and related services. As recreation and keeping fit are becoming increasingly important, so is the provision of outdoor sports equipment and trim trails.

Design Service

We offer design and consultation services, including on-site level surveys, utilities and drainage surveys, planning advice and consultation, planting schemes, irrigation plans and maintenance/management plans. When looking to hire a design service for any kind of outdoor project, such as a garden or driveway, it is important to consider the aesthetic value of the final product. As…


TrustMark is supported by the Government, building industry and consumer protection groups and helps homeowners to find reliable, trustworthy tradesmen to carry out improvements to the inside and outside of their homes. It covers all kinds of trades; from building and plumbing to roofing and landscaping . Why choose a TrustMark recognised tradesman? A firm’s…


Soak-away’s have been revolutionised with the introduction of Aquacell units. These are strengthened plastic cells (1mx0.5mx0.4m) with a 95% void capacity (holds 190 litres of water). In short, one cell holds the equivalent of a 1.5mx1mx1m traditional gravel-filled soak-away. So there is consequently less to remove and dispose of and less to fill-in. They are…

Inspection covers / Manholes

Covers come as either standard plastic, aluminium or steel lids or as recessed ‘trays’. These units allow block pavers, slabs, etc. to be cut into the lid to provide a seamless finish. Usually the 4 corners of the lid have holes where lifting keys can be inserted to raise the lid when necessary. Existing chambers…

Drainage Channels

Where provision of drainage is required, we mostly use Aco channel drains. These are either made of a resin polymer with a galvanised silver grate or from black moulded plastic. Both are laid on a bed of wet mortar and piped into either existing drains or into a new soak-away (where necessary)

Water Features

These are mostly self-contained, comprising of a sump, pump and decorative feature. A qualified electrician must make all electrical connections and should certify their work. Water-falls, streams and rills can also be installed. Butyl liner is always recommended, but there are a large number of liners with 25-year guarantees that are mostly suitable. All liners…


Preparation is crucial for turfing and in this respect, every garden is slightly different depending on soil type, drainage etc. Where we take up an existing lawn, it should be noted that perennial weeds such as dandelions are likely to re-emerge through the new turf. It is recommended that a ‘lawn doctor’ is used for…


Fabric sails are weather-proof and allow areas to be sheltered from the sun. Metal or wooden posts are concreted-into position with the sail suspended and tensioned between the posts. Sails come in a large variety of colours, sizes and shapes and can be installed accordingly.


To create an effective rockery, large limestone or sandstone rocks are usually used. These are built up in horizontal layers to emulate naturally occurring rocks. They are best planted with small perennials, grasses and alpines.


Ponds can be formal or informal. Formal ponds are geometric and often have brick-built sides and slab edgings. Informal ponds by contrast, are non-geometric, have no built-up sides and can have a variety of edgings, from slabs, rocks, turf, soil/plants etc.

Play Areas

A range of play surfaces are available from sterile, clean play bark to rubber products or sand. Areas can be designed to incorporate various play equipment and surfacing types and we can arrange and build the play area to suit your requirements.


We have considerable knowledge and experience on planting and can advise on suitable plants for the garden and devise planting plans where needed. We plant everything from semi-mature trees to alpines and can compliment the final finish by adding bark chippings, or membraning and gravelling borders.


These can be of either metal or wooden construction, and either bought in kit-form and made to fit  any area. Posts are concrete-in and pergola/arch built on-site. Treatment can be applied  to surfaces if necessary.


We specialise in laying natural stone slabs. They are currently cheaper than their concrete equivalents, obviously never lose their natural colour or texture and suit both new and old properties. A compacted base layer is recommended to be laid beneath patio areas, but is not always essential. Slabs are laid on a full bed of…


Paths can be constructed many different ways, using a wide variety of materials Most surfacing types are described in the ‘Driveways’ section, but slabs are an obvious choice , as is gravel or even bark chippings in the right setting.


We work alongside electricians to install the main armoured cable around the garden to the connection point outside the house. A qualified electrician must carry out all electrical work and should provide you with a certificate on completion. All electrical work outside has to comply with Building Regs Part P.

Hot Tubs/Spas

Although we can install and locate hot tubs/spas of all sizes, a qualified electrician is always needed to connect the unit to the mains supply. We can recommend local electricians if necessary. Spas can be laid on any level surface from slabs, concrete or gravel.

Gravel Gardens

These are simply created by laying a good woven weed-guard membrane (Plantex or similar) over the area and laying approx. 2-inches of gravel over the surface. Areas are usually embellished with stepping stones or random slabs, planting, water-features and pots.


Metal or wooden gates can be installed with hinges, latches, bolts, jockey wheels, drop bolts etc. depending on the size and style of gate. Gates are secured to timber wall plates fixed onto buildings or posts concreted-into the ground.


Posts can be wooden or concrete and are always concreted-in. Post-caps and finials can be added to wooden posts and wooden or concrete gravel boards can be laid to protect the bottom of fence/trellis from rotting in the soil. Panels come in a large variety of styles and can be inserted between posts, or for…


Decking can be laid onto a solid  surface or raised off the ground. Where it comes onto contact with the house, the finished height of the deck should be 2 bricks below the damp proof course.Where it is raised off the ground, posts are either driven or concreted-in to position, depending on the height and…


Often used around decking or patios, ballustrading comes in numerous forms. Mostly, 4-inch square wooden posts are screwed to deck frame or concreted-in, with a wooden hand rail screwed top and bottom to form bays. Each bay can have wooden spindles or wooden/metal panels fitted between   to finish.


Soak-away’s have been revolutionised with the introduction of Aquacell units. These are strengthened plastic cells (1mx0.5mx0.4m) with a 95% void capacity (holds 190 litres of water). In short, one cell holds the equivalent of a 1.5mx1mx1m traditional gravel-filled soak-away. So there is consequently less to remove and dispose of and less to fill-in. They are…

Inspection covers / Manholes

Covers come as either standard plastic, aluminium or steel lids or as recessed ‘trays’. These units allow block pavers, slabs, etc. to be cut into the lid to provide a seamless finish. Usually the 4 corners of the lid have holes where lifting keys can be inserted to raise the lid when necessary. Existing chambers…

Drainage Channels

Where provision of drainage is required, we mostly use Aco channel drains. These are either made of a resin polymer with a galvanised silver grate or from black moulded plastic. Both are laid on a bed of wet mortar and piped into either existing drains or into a new soak-away (where necessary)


Acrylic or polyurethane sealant can be applied to block-paved and resin bonded drives to provide protection from weathering, discolouration and weed growth. The sealant makes the sand between the joints in block-paving set hard. Acrylic sealant can be applied using a sprayer, polyurethane is applied with a roller. Edges are taped to protect areas from…

Aco Ground Guard Tiles

A 2-inch compacted screed of sand is laid over the compacted foundation, with a membrane laid between sand and the Aco Ground Guard tiles (for large areas). The tiles interlock and are cut to size on-site to fit edges. The tiles are pinned every 2m to give extra strength and can be filled with gravel…


Gravel is laid to a depth of no more than 2-inches and is recommended to be between 14-20mm in size with suitable hardness not to crush under the weight of vehicles. Self-bind gravel is a mixture of aggregate from 6mm to dust and is compacted to finish is leave a solid but permeable surface.


Base course tarmac is laid and compacted to a depth of 40-60mm onto the compacted foundation layer. A 20-30mm top coat is then raked, levelled and rolled over surface to finish. Block pavers can be integrated as an edging around perimeter of drive or as a central feature to help break up large areas or…

Permeable Block Paving

A slightly different base course foundation (Type3 MOT) is laid with this type of paving to increase its porosity. A 1-2-inch screed of grit-stone is laid on the compacted foundation with blocks laid on to screed. Blocks are cut to size as necessary and drive is compacted with further grit brushed into joints.

Block Paving

A 1-2-inch screed of sand is laid over the compacted  hardcore layer, with blocks laid on the sand. Blocks are cut to size where necessary, kiln-dried sand brushed into all joints and the drive compacted with a vibrating plate to finish.


Depending on size, usage and underlying soil-type of driveways, a hardcore base (usually MOT Type 1 aggregate) is laid to a depth of 4-6-inches and compacted with a vibrating plate. Where the subsoil is relatively soft or the ground is ‘made-up’, a membrane can be laid beneath the hardcore to help prevent future movement of…

Design Work

All designs are hand-drawn, most commonly at 1:100 scale. We charge between £50-500 for designs depending on the size of the garden and any other required services, such as drain inspection and drainage solutions, level surveys, test digs or planning consent advice or applications. In most cases, the design fee is refunded if you continue…

Our Standard Procedures

{flike} Here we have documented all of our standard procedures for our work. This is to ensure you as the customer know what to expect and if there is something you either want us to do differently or cannot see here you can specify that when you place an order. Our Design Work Procedures Design…

Permeable Drives

The main options for permeable driveways are block-paving, permeable tarmac, supported turf and gravel. We have illustrated some of the available products and how they work. Grass-guard products come in a variety of styles and materials, from concrete to 100% recycled plastic.  Laying of these products usually requires a free-draining hardcore base, overlain with compacted…


Tarmac is one of the drive covering options we supply. It has a range of benefits, and doesn’t tend to be too expensive, which makes it a very popular option for driveways.

Block Paving

Block paving is still very popular, offering a wide range of colours, sizes and patterns for your drive. There is now also the choice of using traditional concrete blocks or new natural stone pavers. Block paving: how it works In order to lay a standard block paved drive, we would usually dig-out 8-inches/20cm of material…

Walling and Retainers

As you will see from some of the images, we carry out many different walling projects to suit your requirements. Retaining walls can be built using a variety of materials from standard bricks, reclaimed bricks, natural stone bricks, rendered walls, block walls or sleeper retainers. Copings also vary from brick to slab to stone or…


Decking is very versatile. It can be laid to form many types of pattern, it can be suspended over an area and different levels can be created easily. Hardwood and softwood timber can be used, both with a life-span exceeding 20 years and comes either grooved or plain. Various maintenance issues apply to the different…


Patios can be laid using a variety of materials. All, however, fall into two categories, man-made products and natural products. Concrete slabs are often made to recreate the natural stone look, but are disadvantaged by weathering much quicker and losing their colour. Natural stone slabs have a number of  advantages over their concrete cousins. They…

Landscape Gardening

Landscape Gardening Basics Landscape gardening is not something you can easily do yourself. If not done well, it can lead to all sorts of problems further down the road that can in turn end up costing a lot of money. As such, if you want to rework your garden, it is best to hire professional…

Landscape Gardening Lichfield

{tag}meta name=”geo.placename” content=”Lichfield, Staffordshire, UK”{/tag} {tag}meta name=”geo.position” content=”52.681602;-1.831672″{/tag} {tag}meta name=”geo.region” content=”GB-Staffordshire”{/tag} {tag}meta name=”ICBM” content=”52.681602, -1.831672″{/tag} Landscape Gardening Lichfield For over 14 years the landscape gardeners and garden designers of Beautiful Gardens have undertaken a wide range of landscape gardening and garden design projects in and around Lichfield. Beautiful Gardens can design, landscape and maintain your…