How to Maintain Your Patio

Chemically cleaning or jet-washing your patio will get it looking brand new again and should be done at least once a year but it is hard to keep it looking that way and not everyone can spend every weekend scrubbing their patio. Here are some simple tips to keep it looking beautiful all year round.

  1. Sweep your patio regularly with a stiff broom, removing any dirt, leaves and moss that have accumulated on the surface.
  2. Treat the area monthly with weed-killer (if necessary), this will prevent any weeds that do pop up from seeding and spreading even more weeds around the garden.
  3. Stains should be removed as soon as possible. For small minor stains, a quick hose down and scrub should suffice. For more predominant stains, brush with mild soapy water leave to soak and then hose down. Oil stains should be removed immediately with solution that dissolves the oil. You can help prevent stains by applying a sealer to the top of the stones.
  4. Before the first frost of the year, try to repair any cracks and holes in the pointing, as ice and snow could damage the slabs if it gets beneath them.
  5. Chemical treatments can be good for dealing with moss and should be applied as necessary.
  6. Jet-washing the slabs is a very effective way of keeping them clean and is easier if it is done regularly, rather than leaving it for many years. Care should be taken not to blast out any pointing between the slabs, but if it does happen, then these joints should be repaired before the winter, as above.