Even a small garden pond can seem like a challenging project. However, At Beautiful Gardens we can help you create the perfect water feature, hassle-free. Using our bespoke pond design service, bring a dramatic new element to your grounds or complement established planting with something sympathetic. Ponds provide focus, reflection and movement to any garden. We use high-quality materials to build lasting ponds for gardens. Beautiful Gardens can advise you on the right paving and lining for you. We offer a broad selection of PVC and rubber linings, stone, concrete and more. Filtration and water circulation is also vital to keep your pond healthy and clear. We help our clients select the best pump and filter systems for their water features, all year round.

Garden Pond Services

Ponds for fish    –

While it’s possible to keep fish in a small garden pond, those considering larger aquatics like Koi carp should remember that these specimens will need more room. Koi carp make eye-catching additions to any water feature but may require a little more care and attention than an ordinary goldfish. Please let us know of your needs so we can help you choose the best habitat for your fish.

Ponds for plants    –

Naturally, plants are an important factor when considering pond installation. Some plants may crowd a small pond, while others require specific depths to thrive. Trees shed both shade and leaves, and their roots have a long reach which may impact the suitability of certain locations in your garden. Let us know of any specific flowers, weeds or shrubs you are thinking of when discussing your pond design.

Fountains, bridges, cascades and streams   –

If a pond can put focus in a garden, a fountain or feature can put focus in a pond. There are many options for your garden, from quirky animal statues set into cascades to classic stone and stone-effect fountains. Streams divide and lead the eye, creating fantastic talking points in contemporary or traditional settings.

If you are planning a pond installation, we can offer a fully managed service or simply assist at crucial points in the project. Be sure to contact us for a knowledgeable, conscientious approach.

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