Being an eco-friendly and sustainable option, permeable block paving is preferred by several homeowners these days. In a permeable pavement system, there are a series of grids that are made of plastic and they have been filled with materials like gravel, sod or limestone to come up with a parking surface that will soak in all the moisture into the ground naturally.

What are the benefits of permeable block paving?

  • The process of installation of permeable block paving is quite easy and the best part is that it does not require any specialty equipment.
  • The durability of permeable block paving is quite high and sometimes even more than asphalt or concrete surfaces. They do not develop cracks due to expansion.
  • Being made from environment-friendly materials, they are a sustainable option as they do not generate any waste.
  • Permeable block paving prices are much lower per square foot but at the same time much more labor-intensive.
  • You will not face any problems with standing water in your driveway because, with this type of paving, everything will be soaked in.
  • These paving options can also bring down the temperature absorbing the heat.

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