To give you an idea of what sorts of pergolas are available, here is a quick description of some standard types.  Walkway pergolas are very popular and boost the visual impact of a garden pathway.  These can be simple up-and-across structures, bowed or even round.  You can create an eye catching flower walk or sheltered tunnelled garden path.  Pergolas for patios are fabulous for shade and look fantastic.  These can be free-standing or attached to your property.  Domed pergolas are a beautiful variation and offer a sheltered spot for lounging and dining.       

Pergola Services

A pergola is a timber framed garden feature.  It usually has upright posts, cross beams and a sturdy open lattice.  More contemporary designs may also include stainless steel rods.  Woody vines and other climbing plants, such as Jasmine, Clematis and Wisteria, can be trained to grow and trail around the structure.  A pergola can provide shaded walkways, sheltered dining areas or covered spots for recliners and chairs.  A pergola adds interest to your garden and adds height to a flat outlook.  At Beautiful Gardens we can help choose the right pergola design for you, fully assemble it and assist with after care.  This includes weather resistant treatments and painting.  We can also choose and establish the perfect climbing plants for your pergola.  We can suggest plants that will suit your tastes, be that for flowers or greenery.  Garden pergolas are elegant, versatile and functional.  They can give your garden a welcome focal point and completely change the feel of the exterior of your home.

Garden Pergola Design

A garden pergola can completely transform your garden.  So choosing the pergola that compliments the theme and style of your garden is vital.  There are currently an extensive range of pergolas for sale.  We only sources pergolas of the highest quality and our expert teams ensure professional assembly and suitable positioning.   We can also deal with any additional work building a pergola in your garden may require, such as patios, pathways and laying gravel.

Please call Beautiful Gardens now on 01543 440 470 to discuss our pergola services.  We are happy to visit your home and have an informal chat with a no obligation quote.