At Beautiful Gardens we have had many years of experience laying patios for our customers.  Over this time garden patio design has evolved.  There are now a variety of popular garden patio products and design ideas.  You may just want a simple slabbed patio in your back garden and this remains our most popular type of patio.  Or you may be thinking of a more ambitious patio design.  A patio area that is in keeping with the rest of your home often works the best.  So have a think about whether traditional, modern, shabby chic, family friendly or functional is the patio design direction you would like to go in.  If limited space is an issue we can work out small garden patio ideas.  Entire patio gardens are another option.  We can carry out your plans, suggest materials and deliver a first rate patio for your garden.

Garden Patio Design Services

Our preferred patio slabs are natural sandstone or limestone slabs.  But whatever slabs or tiles you ultimately choose, we will lay a patio that you will be proud of.  As a trusted local business we guarantee that you will be happy with the results.  When laying a patio we take care of all the preparation.  This could include clearing a space of plants, lawn or undergrowth.  The soil may need to be levelled or large stones removed.  Once this is done our expert teams will lay the patio to a consistently high standard.  Once completed, we will leave the patio and your garden neat and tidy, and will never leave any rubbish behind. 

Patio Slabs & Garden Patio Ideas

Whatever the style or design of your patio, it will always be a wonderful and welcoming extension to your living space.  Compared to lawn areas a patio is low maintenance and mostly requires only the smallest seasonal refresh.  It is a great space for garden dining furniture, eating al fresco and socialising with family and friends.  A patio is also a perfect spot for relaxing in the summer on recliners, garden sofas or chairs.  Book a no obligation home visit and quote today on 01543 440 470.