Block paving remains a popular choice for driveways and entrance pathways.  A smart block paving driveway instantly gives your home a prestigious appearance.  What’s more, as long as you carry out regular light maintenance, a well-laid block paving driveway will look attractive for years to come

Block Paving Patterns

One of the biggest advantages of block paving is the huge range of blocks now available.  This includes a variety of types, colours and sizes.  You can choose traditional concrete blocks or new natural stone pavers.  We offer a fantastic selection of block paving patterns, and create truly bespoke designs.   Make your slick, top-notch block paving driveway stand out from the rest! 

Block Paving Prices

The cost of block paving can be relatively inexpensive if you opt for the basic rectangular cheap block paving blocks.  Where block paving prices tend to creep up is when complex patterns and additional items such as edging and steps are ordered.  We are happy to discuss all options and work within your budget.  Most of the cost of block paving is down to the work involved.  Block paving can be labour intensive, especially if intricate patterns are used.  When laying a block paving driveway, the first thing we do is prepare the ground to create a well compacted hard core layer.  Over this we lay a 1 – 2 inch screed of sand.  The blocks are then laid onto this and further kiln dried sand is brushed into the joints.  To finish, the block paving driveway is compacted with a vibrating plate.

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