Artificial turf has become very popular over the last few years. It has become far more realistic over the last 10 years, with good quality turf using a variety of blade colours and thicknesses and usually have a brown ‘thatch’ sewn into the base of the grass. This aims to directly replicate real turf. At Beautiful Gardens we pride ourselves in offering the best landscaping services in and around Lichfield.  We supply professional and reliable artificial grass services and ensure that when we do a job, its to the best of our ability. As well as many other services we pride ourselves the high customer satisfaction from our astro grass jobs.  With no maintenance required artificial grass offers year-round quality of grass that doesn’t die with the change of season.

What is Artificial Grass?

Artificial Turf (or fake grass) is a fantastic alternative to real grass and all without the stress of maintaining it. Using synthetic grass, we can transform any area into a lush green field all year round. Its easy to clean, looks and feels real, ideal for people who suffer from hay fever and perfect for people with pets.

Artificial grass generally consists of three layers, a layer for drainage, a multi-layered backing in jute and then a layer of grass blades made from polyester or plastic. Laying artificial grass can be a huge hassle, using a spade you must remove your lawn to the recommended depth depending on the manufacturer, then after adding a weed killer you must lay a layer of builder’s sand before compressing it and rolling out the sheets of artificial turf atop. But with Beautiful gardens there is no reason to worry because we can do it for you, fast, efficient and all for a reasonable price. No hassle, no stress but one beautiful garden.

Many people spend valuable time and expenditure maintaining their grass but with beautiful gardens we both supply and fit your artificial turf for you ensuring you are supplied with the best plastic grass service possible. And it doesn’t stop there; if re-turfing your garden isn’t enough artificial turf can also be used to decorate balcony gardens, furniture, play areas and for sports. There are so many opportunities for artificial grass to be installed and at beautiful gardens we do it reliably and efficiently with no extra hassle.

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